Monday, 3 March 2014

Magic Shoes..

I have been looking at Shoe adverts for ideas and inspiration and I am still keeping my options open in terms of age range as originally I wanted to photograph a pair of fashion heels that would be aimed at teenagers/young adults but I feel that my work appears childlike in context and so I may aim my final piece at 6-10 year olds. 

When I thought about how footwear is advertised to children Clarks 'Magic Steps Shoes' came into my mind!.  Being an 80's child myself I had these shoes and took pride in wearing them to school, everyone had them or wanted them as they came in a magical shoe box with a secret ket that you could insert into the heel of the shoe and and a picture would be revealed - They were amazing.

I also looked at the advert for the shoes and all the memories came flooding back to me, the advert is very fantasy based and it shows a girl who is trying to run away from the evil one but struggles - then the Magic Steps Shoes appear on her feet and she manages to escape.  I believed I would be that person as a child seeing as I had the shoes, the narrative in the advert became so real to me.

Below are some images of the shoes and the advert.

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