Monday, 31 March 2014

Portfolio Review (1) - Visit to DDB & Day Job Collective Tuesday 25th March.

The PDP trip to London was really helpful, inspiring and a confidence boost. On Tuesday we started the day with a visit to DDB to meet Daniel Moorey who is Head of Print. Daniel gave a talk on the industry and how he would go about selecting an illustrator from his perspective.  He advised that when he looks on an Illustrator's website, he wants to be able to navigate around the site easily, he wants to see medium sized thumbnails of images and wants to be able to access up to date contact details easily.  Daniel explained that the site needs to communicate your style clearly as he categorises illustrators by the style of their work, if you have more than one style you should separate them on your site clearly or have two sites.

The next visit was to Day Job Collective at their studio.  The collective expressed the importance of being around other illustrators and artists after graduation as it's a great way to share ideas, opportunities and develop ideas, they also mentioned that collaboration is a great thing to get involved with when you are starting out, and attending local meet ups is also important to meet other illustrators. 

After the talk I had a portfolio review with Grace who said my work was whimsical and colourful and very atmospheric which was nice to hear, she advised that it would be great to see my work in context which I totally agreed with as all my characters in my portfolio are placed on a white background, this is something I need to focus on when re working my portfolio.

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