Monday, 31 March 2014

Portfolio Review 2 & 3 - Illustration Agency, Wednesday 26th March

We went to visit the Illustration Agency Office on the second day of the London Trip. Everyone was lovely and really encouraging, they offered some very valuable advice on joining the AOI, websites, competitions and how to promote yourself in the industry. I was very lucky to show my portfolio to two members of the team at the Illustration Agency.

Portfolio Review 2 - Alice @ Illustration Ltd Agency.

Thought my work was very character based and thought I had created collage work digitally, I advised I make my work by hand but may consider going more digital if it is quicker.  Alice mentioned it was very playful - I hope to have more work to show a variety in my portfolio as I don't like any of my previous work, a majority of the content in my portfolio is from my current Circus project so it all has the similar feel, I want to have more composed pieces that actually show a scene rather than one character on it's own as it looses so much atmosphere and content, Alice also explained that if I was showing an Art Director they would need to see it in context and she suggested illustrating a story for a book cover and making sure I present my work in context - this is something I really need to focus on.

Portfolio Review 3 - Ju & Victoria @ Illustration Ltd Agency.

Ju & Victoria asked where I source the material for my collage work from, I explained that a lot of it is from old books & vintage books from antique shops.  She explained that it worked but advised that if I had a set brief to work too and didn't have the right imagery, it may delay me as in a way the materials I use can dictate the images I make, which in some ways but may be a challenge.  Ju really liked my horoscope collages, she mentioned that they would look beautiful on post cards to either sell or as promo materials, she said the detail really drew her in.  She also mentioned that I should get the horoscope images over to Spirit & Destiny magazine, which is reassuring and a confidence boost, I will be working on making the rest of the horoscope images then I will send them over. The same thing was advised regarding context of my work, same feedback as the other visits which I know I need to address.

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