Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I have just finished publishing my new website and it can be found at:

(www.laurasharpeillustration.co.uk) - although please bare with me as it may take a few hours until it is live.

When I conducted my website research last semester I looked at various illustration websites and the sites I liked the most were minimal and had a good sense of style, they also included some hand rendered type which I really liked too.  I have kept my site simple and included around 9 images and some hand made type - the same as I used for my business cards.

At this stage I don't feel clear about how to define my style as I am still exploring and I feel that I am still discovering the work I want to make as I have worked in 3D for such a long time but I have chose not to include it on my site as I want to move away from this way of working for while.  I feel like the end of uni is just the beginning for me and the site is work in progress.

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